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Excerpts from Gil's Grants Workbook*

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Strategic Planning - Quick overview for Grant Writing & Grantsmanship
A Sample Grant Writing Program Plan for Public or Private Schools/Districts
The Key to Winning Grants: Targeting Student Needs!
Gil's Quick Notes (From FC) Before Developing a Grant Proposal!
* These articles are contained in both the 2001 and 2005 Version of Gil's Workbook, as seen to right in list of Gil's Products

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Teaching Teachers to Teach
Comprehensive Community Educational Needs Assessment
Out of print - photocopy only
- photocopy only
2005 Ed. Workbook
Seminars, Workshops, and Contracted Services
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with Manuals for 20
Includes 4 hr grantwriting basics AM, 4hr hands on workshop in Afternoon to develop search & draft proposals, email follow-up of Searches & Proposals - Maximum of 25 participants w/ single source sponsor providing payment & re-print of workbooks.
An online course available via Individualize Program Instruction (IPI), utilizing the same material as above but offered over a one or two semester period to allow for personal student application and follow-up mentoring by Dr. Woolard - Approximately 60 Contact hours, as needed.
Minimum of 25 Potential Sources guaranteed, based on needs described by client.
with written recommendations
Includes Source Search, Writing, Coordination, Submission to Grantor, and Necessary Follow-Up
No guarantees of grant approval, But CFI has track record of over 200 grants written and approved.
- by Contract only
Note: For Contracted Services, the First Hour of Consultation is Always Free! CFI will tell you if we can or cannot be of help. Call 803-432-7525 for an appointment or for details, or use the contact form.
Seminars and workshops - add cost of travel, overnight room & board as appropriate
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