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Dr. Gil's Top 10 Tips
Yes, You Can Do Grants That Win!!

Dr Gil Gives You The Tools
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1. KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupid (hard for educators to do!)

2. Read and reread the RFP guidelines - then reread them again!

3. It's not the money you really want, but what the money will do for your students.

4. Think of the grantor as your customer - and give the customer what he wants!

5. A grant is like a contract - where "due consideration passes between the parties."

6. Teach the student first - subject matter second.

7. Project goals must flow from the program mission, from which flows the objectives and measurable outcomes - then, any one can figure out staffing and budgets! 8. You don't have to be an accountant or lawyer to know if the proposal is cost effective and "can do" what it said it would do!

9. In your proposal - and certainly in your grant "needs statement" - "make the reader want to cry for you!"

10. If you can win one out of ten grants, chances are you could get a job with any major school or university!

Grant Writing Basics For the Beginner or Veteran
With Dr. Gil Woolard, Senior Certified Grants Specialist

Comprehensive Workbook, Presentation, Workshop or Seminar Outline Available On-site,
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  • How Do Grants Differ From Gifts & Donations?
  • What Do You Really want the Grants for? What is Your Vision?
  • The Key To Winning Grants? Targeting Student-Participant Needs!
  • Why are so Important?
  • What's HOT and What's Not? Bringing In the Cash! NCLB Law!
  • Grant Reference and Resources Available - The Importance of the Search
  • What's The Difference Between Private and Governmental Grants?
  • Where Do You Find Federal Funds? Trends Among Private Foundations!
  • How Does One Establish Search Criteria For Winning Grants?
  • Sound Search Methodology Vs. the "Shot Gun Approach"
  • When do You use A Query Letter Or Generic Proposal? What's an RFP?
  • The Critical Parts of A Generic Proposal (when there are no guidelines)
  • What does One Do Before Writing A Proposal? Read & Re-read the RFP!
  • What Should One Do Expert/Peer Review
  • So You Did Win Grant Funding! What do You Do Now? Grant Management
  • Importance of a School and a Grant Resource Center
  • Importance of
  • How Grantor Knows You Did What you Said You'd Do? An
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